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Public Safety Writers Association 2010 Writing Competition results

Once again our annual writer’s contest was a huge success. The entries were a pleasure to read. We have an extremely talented membership! Thank you to all who entered and I encourage everyone to start thinking about next year’s contest. I hope to have entries from EVERYONE next year. Happy and successful writing!

The 2010 Winners
(Click here for photos of some of the winners)

First/Grand Prize Kenneth Lewis  Little Blue Whales  
First Place Mike Orenduff  The Pot Thief who Studied Ptolemy   
Second Place Mark Bouton  The Second Savior 
Second Place W. S. Gager  A Case of Infatuation  
Third Place Michael Black     Hostile Takeovers 
Third Place Mike Angley  Finder: Resurrection
Honorable Mention Kurt Kamm  One Foot in the Black 
First Place W.S.  Gager  A Case of the Accidental Intersection
Second Place Barry Ozeroff The Dying of Mortimer Post
Third Place John Madinger  Hot Shot 
Honorable Mention Kurt Kamm  Red Flag Warning       
Fiction/Short Story/Published
First Place Quintin Peterson  "Cold as Ice"
Second Place Ed Nowicki  "The Room of Doom"
Third Place Ed Nowicki  "Same Thing"   
Honorable Mention Ed Nowicki  "Big Stan"
Fiction/Short Story/Non-published
First Place Barry Ozeroff  "Charlie’s Angel"
Second Place Keith Bettinger "The Reunion"
Third Place Ed Nowicki  "Choo Choo Charley to the Rescue"
Third Place John Madinger "The Heavy Silver Star"
Honorable Mention Jack Miller "A Streak of Larceny"
Honorable Mention Morgan St. James "Rip Off"
First Place Darren Maurer King 7
Third Place Mark Bouton How to Spot Lies like the FBI  
Honorable Mention Joe Don Smith  Trial by Fire                       
First Place Edward Courtney  Saving America from the Right Perspective
Second Place Volitta Fritsche Why Ryan?   
Third Place Maria Larsen         When it Reigns, it Pours                       
First Place Joseph Haggerty  “The Port in the Storm”       
Second Place Dave Cropp “On the Wagon”                
Third Place Jack Miller  “A Soldier over the Wire”
Honorable Mention Keith Bettinger “Tears of the Heart”       
Non-Fiction/Technical Writing/Published      
First Place Tim Dees  “Not quite there yet, but getting close”
Second Place John Bellah  LA Sheriff Tests 2009 Motorcycles 
Third Place Tim Dees  Digital Evidence Archiving
Honorable Mention Tim Dees ALPR Technology Keeps Getting Better        
First Place Johnny Russell  The Eyes of Bradley Ashe 
Second Place Jack Miller & Keith Bettinger  The Master Cheat 
First Place Keith Bettinger Scars of the Heart 
Second Place Tim Dees  Ride-Along War Story
Third Place John Bellah  Not quite Necessary Shooting 
Honorable Mention John Bellah   Suspicious Minds                
First Place Kregg Jorgenson “Leadership, Duplicity and Sacrificial Lambs”
Second Place Keith Bettinger “Both Sides of the Bars”         
Third Place Kregg Jorgenson “Surviving Violent Encounters” 
Honorable Mention Jim Guigli  “Firearms and Writers”                                
First Place Joseph Haggerty   “Undercover”
Honorable Mention Joseph Haggerty   “Working the Street”
Technical Manual  
First Place Thomas Edmonds  LE Manual of Criminal Investigations 
First Place Ed Nowicki 

“There are no Football Heroes”

Second Place Tim Dees  “The Free Cup of Coffee Revisited”
Third Place Ed Nowicki  “Cluster Killings of Police Officers” 
Honorable Mention Ed Nowicki  “Training Adults is Different”        
Flash Fiction/Non-Published  
First Place Kathleen Ryan “Victims of the Night” 
Second Place Kathleen Ryan “ Wal-Mart I love you”

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